Human Growth Hormone
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What Is Human Growth Hormone

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The Human Growth Hormone, often simply referred to as HGH is one of the most important element hormones that are produced in children and adults. This hormone is responsible for stimulating cell production and cell regeneration in order to boost growth, which is important for overall development.

HGH is naturally produced in the pituitary gland of our body, and apart from increasing height in children it also shows its role in many ways. From regulating body temperature to metabolizing sugar and fat, from improving heart function to increasing protein synthesis, this hormone does it all. Well, almost all.

The bitter truth about HGH

This hormone may be the jack of many trades but unfortunately like all good things, the production of this substance also comes to an end. It is a fact that the more we age, the production of HGH in collagen slows down and that leads to ask in getting thinner and loose.

Even though most people are looking for a miracle cure for aging among supplements, chemicals, and what not, the truth about human growth hormones eludes them. If you’ve done a bit of research about anti ageing, then no doubt you’ve come across advertisements about HGH Pills supplements and injections.

While HGH supplements have been shown to yield some positive effects, not everything about them is savory.

Supplements and injections have had negative health consequences in some people, which is why many experts suggest that you pursue natural methods to boost HGH production. But how do you do it? Keep on reading to find out.

How to raise your HGH levels naturally

1. Daily exercise:

There is perhaps no better way to improve the production of this hormone than my regularly exercising. High intensity exercises that come in the form of resistance training, sprints, and even weightlifting have been shown to provide best results. The more intense is the workout, the best it is for the secretion of HGH.

During the course of high-intensity exercise, the muscle fibers in our body become active and this triggers the release of testosterone and the growth hormone in question into our bloodstream. There have been numerous researches and studies done on this subject and they have all pointed towards the positives.

2. Maintain healthy weight:

The relation between our body weight and HGH production is something that cannot be ignored.

This research has found that obese people have lower HGH in their body compared to those who are of a healthy body weight. It is because of the fact that obese people tend to have higher levels of insulin, which suppresses this hormone production.

Healthy food like salmon can do the trick. Here are some other foods that can help naturally.

Now, we all know that obesity is bad and working towards treating the condition. But not many people are taking the correct steps to lose weight. Your goal should be to work out in a way that raises HGH levels that helps burn fat and keep body weight at an optimum level.

3. Get enough sleep:

Believe it or not, more than 50% of the total HGH production happens while we sleep. Hence, sleeping at least seven hours a day is considered one of the best ways to boost the production of this hormone. A study published in 1991 in the Journal of psychiatry neuroscience found that growth hormone levels were a lot more during slow-wave sleep than other stages.

The study also found that interruption while sleeping or poor sleeping patterns also interfere with the body’s ability to secrete HGH. So, but that smart for a way, dim down the lights, and retire to your bed for a sound night’s sleep.

4. Soak in Vitamin D:

The fat Ol’ Sun emits rays that contain a very essential nutrient in the form of vitamin D. This class of vitamin has a strong relationship with the efficacy of HGH levels, where lower amount of vitamin D absorption has been seen to lower HGH production is and higher amount of vitamin D absorption has shown increased production of this hormone.

In addition, the substance also boosts your testosterone levels and can have a positive impact on many other bodily functions. For best effects, keep the vitamin D levels between 70 and 100 NG/ML. Exposure to morning sunlight, foods rich in vitamin D, and supplements can be of great help.

5. Cut down on sugar intake: you may have heard many times that sugar is the enemy. Well, excessive sugar intake can play a key role in obesity, which in turn has effects on HGH production. This is why you must avoid sugar as much as possible as it leads to a higher level of insulin, which significantly reduces production of growth hormone and testosterone.

Also, try and avoid drinks high in sugar right after a workout as it can lead to reduced levels of HGH production.

Some artificial HGH boosters

HGF MAX Oral HGH Booster

HGH oral sprays: These are easy to ingest HGH supplements coming in the form of oral sprays that has yielded more or less positive results. Even though some sources claim that sprays containing HGH molecule does not have the capacity to penetrate intestinal or membranes of the stomach, some brands are marketing this as a viable option. Try it by yourself to find out.

HGH supplements: These mostly come in the form of pills that either help the pituitary gland produce more HGH or supplement the body with HGH, which was lacking. Supplements and releasers are a good choice for those who want long-term benefits as the substance has to be taken during bedtime. Price of these products is fairly affordable to the common man.

HGH injections: This is a rather expensive option meant for those who want instant results, which is why it is popular among stars and celebrities. Even though HGH injections have shown to work wonders, the costs of the shots have kept them from exploding in the market. Also, side effects are something to consider in case of injections because the dosage can be too much.

Listen to this guy talk about HGH.

What’s the best method?

The best way to increase the level of HGH in our body is definitely by going the natural way. This means bringing in some changes to our lifestyle are taking supplements made from natural substances. Why don’t you take the step ahead and see what works and what doesn’t.

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