20 Foods That Increase Human Growth Hormone Naturally
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So, you would like to know how to increase that Human Growth Hormone you have.

Raising growth hormone is just as important in relation to increasing testosterone levels in the body, as they both rise in correlation to each other. For achieving great success in a high T journey, try these excellent HGH foods:

1. Pineapple – research shows that eating pineapple before going to bed raises production of Human Growth Hormone because it has many substances that aid in releasing serotonin and melatonin. Not only that, but pineapples are also known to boost testosterone greatly when eaten.

2. Fava Beans– considered to be number one in the HGH foods category, they are also rich in L-Dopa which boosts testosterone and dopamine to astronomical levels.

3. Goji Berries – these berries are brimming with nutrients such as 18 amino-acids, 22 minerals and essential fatty acids and vitamins. These are the exact nutrients that you will need in order to stimulate your Human Growth Hormone. A special compound called sesquiterpenoids tells your pineal gland to produce more HGH, and furthermore, Goji Berries have significant amounts of L-Arginine and L-Glutamine to provide an HGH production boost.

4. Coconut Oil – coconut is one of the best HGH foods to eat because of its sheer amount of Human Growth Hormone that it can make. One study found that a massive increase in Growth Hormone resulted in just 30 to 90 minutes after coconut oil administration.

5. Grassfed Beef – they are in the Superfoods category for a reason- filled with coenzyme-Q10, carnitine, and bio-active amino acids, ideal for those looking for a massive Human Growth Hormone gain. The amino acids found in grassfed beef such as L-Valine, L-Arginine, L-Ornithine, L-Glutamine and L-Ornithine all work directly to give you the HGH levels that you need.

6. Yoghurt – unpasteurized and organic yoghurt are best for raising HGH since it provides an abundance of L-Glutamine.

7. Raw Chocolate – those who wish to raise testosterone and HGH productions are in luck. Raw chocolate is the richest source of Tryptophan, responsible for inciting the pituitary gland to make more dopamine and Human Growth Hormone. Sleep quality is also important for HGH production, and chocolate aids in that department as well. The important thing to remember is to only consume RAW chocolate to gain the most benefits out of it.

8. Algaes – Spirulina and Chlorella are the best ones to take, as they are surprisingly excellent in increasing Human Growth Hormones.

9. Eggs – organic eggs are powerful and compact food that is hard to ignore in the Testosterone field. They are infused with amazing growth factors such as vitamins B, A, D, E, K, EPA, DHA and growth peptides, and much more. Do you want an example on how eggs are such anabolic supplements? look no further than Vince Gironda and Arnold, who were known to eat great amounts of egg daily.

10. Watermelon– this fruit is high in L-Citruline, an amino acid that is broken down into arginine, and helps in producing more Human Growth Hormone.

11. Parmesan– organic cheese such as parmesan are made from raw milk, which has plenty of growth-inducing peptides. Real cheeses have a bonus of having bio-available protein aside from the all-important HGH production.

12. Nuts– almost all of these handy snacks have L-Arginine, essential substances in converting Human Growth Hormone. Coincidentally, L-Arginine is primary component in all commercial HGH supplements.

13. Raisins – not to be outdone by nuts, raisins also make the list in production of L-Arginine. By themselves, raisins also have an inherent ability to increase testosterone due to having high amounts of boron.

14. Whey Protein – this, coupled with vigorous resistance training, is the staple method to increase Human Growth Hormone in enormous amounts. Whey contains almost all the necessary amino acids needed to invigorate muscle growth. The best ones to get are the non-denatured ones and those that are free of junk like sweeteners, asesulfame K and aspartame.

15. Gelatin Desserts – eat them without feeling guilty and incorporate them as part of your daily diet. These foods are filled with L-Glutamine, amino acids that specialize in enhancing Human Growth Hormone as shown in studies.

16. Beets – beets are capable of directly boosting your testosterone and nitric oxide, and they are not bad for the HGH production as well. This alkaline-based food is good for the PH levels of the body and helps in the overall hormonal system.

17. Lemons – these fruits are no slouch in the alkaline levels either, and assists tremendously in the production of Human Growth Hormone.

18. Colostrum– it is the kind of milk that cows produce after giving birth to their young. That said, it is naturally packed with nutritious elements that support life growth aggressively, such as amino acids and peptides that stimulate growth.

19. Raw Milk– eggs and raw milk were the staples of the old bodybuilders of yore, and can be incorporated into your diet whenever you need to eat anabolic. Studies show that raw milk has a great abundance of different compounds that give Growth Hormones a massive increase.

20. Water – Reserved for the last slot is a surprise; natural spring water! its not one of the greats, but it does help stimulate Human Growth Hormone and testosterone naturally, and primarily functions to ensure that the hormonal system works efficiently 24/7.

  • Make sure you add these to your everyday daily consumption to improve not only your natural HGH levels but an overall healthy everyday living.



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