Anavar Cycle Dosage Results
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P-Var ANVAROL – Anavar

P-Var Gives More Power And Explosiveness In Your Training

Hey there,

I know you came here for information on HGH Pills but I wanted to write this review on P-Var and show you before and after pics from my results.

What I did was, I stacked P-Var with GH Advanced Plus…And without a doubt I got some pretty good results.

So, It doesn’t hurt if we stack different types of products.

Now..let’s dive into the review.

P-Var is another form of Anavar. P-Var is a steroid replacement that is marketed and manufactured by CrazyBulk. This company has a good record for producing steroid replacement products and P-Var is the one that is designed as a safe alternative of Anvarol.  Although men can get some amazing results from Anavar, it is a much more effective steroid for women.

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Anvarol is a brand name of the synthetic steroid  anavar oxandrolone that was created in the 1960s at the Laboratories of the Searle with medical purpose. Initially, it was created to treat muscle diseases, but after a period of time it came to the observation of the bodybuilding community for its capacity to stimulate muscle tissue.

Both these supplements are considered safe to be used and have very minimal side effects; here are the comparison of the both benefits and side effects of both the products.

Side effects

When P-Var pills does not have any consider side effects, the expected side effects of the later are testicular atrophy, adaptable stacking options, and testosterone repression.


The benefits of the Anvarol are muscle preservation, long-term lean gains, fat burning, enhanced muscle size, and long –term fat reduction. Some of the benefits that I experienced with P-Var are explosive power, fat burning and increased strength.

Both these products claim to produce high effective results; here I am giving the list of the ingredients to help you to know more about the supplements and to justify their claim.


  • Branched Chain Amino Acid (BCAA)

BCAA is metabolized in the muscle tissue itself instead of the liver. It is expected to deliver faster and effective results in muscle building since they are metabolized in the muscle tissue, where the action is.

  • Wild Yam Root

This herb provides a normal steroid that is called diosgenin. This steroid is known for its anti-inflammatory qualities and it helps in increasing muscle tones and improving energy as well.

  • Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP)

ATP provides the required energy to contact the muscles and ATP is also required for the proper functioning of every cell of a human body. The body is dependent on the ATP and cannot function without it.

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Working Process of P-Var

P-Var is designed in such a way that it can encourage the nitrogen retention and also plays an important role to assist protein synthesis. That helps the users to contribute more in the workouts and also to train for a longer time. Another advantage is that it helps the anabolic process and guarantees efficient and quick muscle tissue repairs at the time of rest. The best ability of this product is that it is able to stimulate phosphocreatine fusion within the muscle tissue.

Phosphocreatine is important as it allows the body to rapidly regenerate the ATP while doing any intense physical exercise. While realizing the energy ATP breaks down and changes into adenosine diphosphate and during that process, ADP gets recycled in the cells to create the required energy and P-Var is designed to support the entire process.

What is the process of taking P-Var?

This is a very simple process; I will suggest you to take it daily. The recommended dose is one capsule for three (3) times in a day. It should be taken regularly, your workout plans should not interfere in this process. It is preferred to take it with meals to get better results. If you are planning for workouts then consider to take it forty-five minutes before the workouts. And this capsule should not be stopped before two months.

Is there any side effects?

As I did explain above, these tablets do not have any side effects such as not noticing any type of hair loss. But I will recommend you to consult a doctor if you are pregnant and you have any health complications.

My results

I ran P-var with GH Advanced Plus for one month and got these results  as of ( July 22 – Aug 22/2015) I’ll also be posting another after pic to see how much leaner I can get to show you how well these products work.

Screen Shot 2015-08-23 at 12.59.19 PM

Customers review

This supplement has got much appreciation from the customers especially from the women for its effective results in muscle building and for fat burning. In the opinions of the customer, a combination of P-Var and work out is the best way to burn fat.

Availability of this supplement

This supplement is available for sale online from CrazyBulk website only. The shipping is available all over the world with $9.99 handling and postage charge. The UK and USA customers are not entitled to this charge. You will get one item free in two items and this is applicable for larger orders as well.

Stacking options

These are some other good cycles/stacks that you can add such as P-Var +TBal75+ Winstrol.

P-Var can be used by all for fat-burning and muscle building purposes. I can suggest you to take this supplement since it has no side effects and it works effectively for fat burning.

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