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HGH Supplements 2016

GenF20-Plus HGH Revealed

Hey, my name is Marcus (that is me in the goofy picture off below with my gut hanging out) and I’ve been lifting weights for a few years now.

20131206_144705So being into fitness I wanted to put together this site about fitness supplements and give you ladies and gents a good outlook on what works best.  I know how hard it can be to lose weight, and I’m one of those people that takes me forever to just shed a few pounds to look lean.

Some products work wonders and some just don’t simply work at all and makes us feel like we haven’t accomplished that desired look that we dream of.  In which some will definitely feel out of place when we see all those amazing fitness models on T.V and on Instagram, that keeps showing up on our news feed.

With that being said, I would like to help you find the top or best GH supplements on the market. I will also get into what HGH is?

As you read on you’ll get to see some before and after pics of me with the help of some supplements that I found over the years that worked for me at it’s best. I’ll be mentioning them right below. 😉

Here are my 8 Tips Why GenF20 Plus Works

So, let’s dive into the good stuff.

Keep on reading to check out my top 6 picks for the safest Human Growth Hormone releasers on the market.

Human Growth Hormone Supplements Do They Truly Work?

Many people ask and send me emails everyday, Marcus what’s the best pre workout supplements that I can take to get that sleek body builders physique or fitness model body.

 What are Human Growth Hormones?

Human Growth Hormones, abbreviated and commonly known as GH, are supplements designed to help people burn fat, look younger and/or build muscle. #HGH is a special supplement, lots of dedicated and reliable research has been directed towards them, and such a field can only be conquered by the best hormone medical experts. While human growth hormones are associated with scams, not all of them are, and their importance cannot be ignored in the society today, because they are on people’s shelves and real people are using them. All kinds of GH have flooded the market, it is therefore the best interest of any rational consumer to learn and understand what they really want from such supplements.

How Does HGH Work?

The human body naturally generates growth hormones from the pituitary glands. The growth hormones are responsible for body cell regeneration and growth. Without the GH, the body cannot increase the bone density and the muscle mass. The growth hormones are also responsible for maintaining all the body tissues, including the vital organs and brain tissues. When the pituitary gland secretes the GH, the liver quickly converts it into growth factors after discovering the importance of this hormone, scientists resolved to harvest more hormone for cadavers to promote building essential body tissues. These type of supplements have been used since 1980s as a body building supplement and performance booster.

Is HGH Dangerous?

It is true that when some people hear of substance for body building, they are scared crazy. HGH has been fairly marketed as very dangerous supplement. This is totally not true. HGH was medical inventions built specifically by the 1980s honorable researchers for the purpose of treatment. Due to high demand, everybody entered the business of HGH supplements, flooding the market with counterfeits, which are cheap yet contains dangerous ingredients. The secret behind HGH today is to go for the right supplement at the right place.

How HGH and Body Building Relate

HGH supplement for bodybuilding helps in increasing the human body mass substantially reduces the recovery time between the daily workouts and improves overall performance in bodybuilding. GH strengthens the joint and ligaments and is very essential in healing the damaged tissues faster. The ingredients in it aids the body in faster protein synthesis and increase the insulin levels in the body.

Now let’s get into the best products for muscle growth.

Many questions that get sent in to me ask…Hey Marcus, what’s the best HGH for muscle growth on the market.

Well, here’s some that I’ve tested out in the past and gave me the look that I was looking for.  For the best bang for the buck and with pretty good results these are the best 6 products that I think are from my opinion.


The top 6 HGH Supplements that you can safely use to get that desired lean look.


gh advanced plus1.  GH Advanced+

GHAdvanced+ is an upgrade from the original HGH Advanced. It is specifically meant for bodybuilding, it is natural and optimized for safe use. It also comes in the form of pills.

GHAdvanced+ is ideal for those who look forward to grow great muscles in a little shorter period. Choose to buy monthly packages for daily use or bigger packages.

Screen shot 2015-06-04 at 12.55.23 PM

My before and after using GH Advanced plus for 90 days. Not to shabby if you ask me.


2. HyperGH 14Xhyper gh14x

HyperGH 14X is one of the finest HGH product available today, which is new But very effective specially for bodybuilding purpose, our analysis says it helped 94%+ people to get good body and maintain their fitness level.

Its a Must buy Supplement if you are looking for HGH Product for Bodybuilding purpose.

Benefits of HyperGH 14X

HyperGH 14X has the following benefits packed into its spray and capsules. Have a look at what these benefits are:

  • Increased EIGR (Exercise Induced Growth Hormone Response)
  • Better energy during workouts
  • More release of HGH during and after the workouts
  • Increased workout speed, better recovery time and improved muscles
  • Improved sleep quality

Purchase HyperGh 14X from their official website Click HERE to purchase



genfx3. GenFX

GenFX is a natural HGH Releaser not a synthetic product. This natural supplement generally enhances the glands to aid in the increased production of the human growth hormones. The researchers have reported that individuals who consumed the product showed significant improvement in their potential.

What GenFX is NOT

• GenFx is not a wonder drug. It isn’t going to make you 20.
• GenFx is not going to give you the body of a bodybuilder.
• GenFx isn’t going to change your attitude about life – you have to do that yourself.
• GenFx isn’t going to provide you with synthetic HGH.

What GenFx CAN Do

• GenFx can reduce and reverse fine lines and wrinkles
• GenFx can reduce body fat, especially belly fat
• GenFx can boost your stamina and sexual performance
• GenFx can reverse the signs of aging
• GenFx can increase your energy

>> Click here for the GenFX official website <<




As for this product it seemed to work good for testing it out for 2 months.  I noticed some extra strength when it came to doing legs and not to mention other body parts.  It took a little bit more time to shed the weight from what I expected, from what was being said about it online with fast results. The price of the product is about a few bucks more per month when comparing it to GH Advanced + ( which i rated number 1 on the list ) With that being said, this product is pretty good but lacks in other aspects when losing weight on this product.  This product can be found on, they also have over 100 different products listed on their site if you wanna take a look at.

Click here to get HGH MAX at

  • Create more lean muscle
  • Increase the intensity of your workouts
  • Reduce overall body fat percentage
  • Recover quicker
  • Positive aging reversal effects

 5. TroXYPHEN Elite

TroXYPHEN Elite  are the most effective and admired growth hormones yielding the very results as promised. Get the supplement from the original website. The TroXYPHEN Elite stands out as a bodybuilding supplement because it contains a combination of ingredients used in melting fat, build lean muscles and boost the immune system. Unlike other HGH bodybuilding supplements, it is not an injection, TroXYPHEN Elite is taken orally as capsules or in a spray form.

Decide on the most ideal pack, depending on personal budgets. The 6 months pack is however ideal for long term use and better results. There are also short term packages for those who cannot afford the half year package.


Where to Get HGH Supplements

The key to being successful with HGH for body building is to get the right supplement. The internet has millions of vendors, both genuine and scam. Only buy from reputable, respected and well known sellers. Read the container labels and only go for original supplement. Buying from known vendors will not only guarantee genuine supplement, but you also get the best pricing.

Use any of these three supplements to naturally and safely change your looks quickly and for the long term. To get the best results, it is good to use the supplement alongside a good diet and do not miss the daily body fitness routine.

Have a question. Leave a comment below and ill get back to you for any questions.



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