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What You Need To Know About HGH For Women

Hey Ladies, Marcus here

Here you’ll find a good read I put together so you can understand the benefits of HGH for women.

So, let’s cut to chase and get into the nit and grit of things.

The Secret Of Human Growth Hormone for Women

Women produce more growth hormone than men- which is a bid odd given that men are much bigger and muscular. There is also evidence to suggest that the production of estrogen is positively correlated to HGH for women and the more estrogen a woman has circulating, the more growth hormone she produces. So what does all this mean for women- can women rely on artificial hormones to supplement natural production when the body stops making enough of it?

The Link Between HGH, Estrogen and Testosterone

As mentioned earlier, women produce higher amounts of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) than men; which is surprising that we haven’t evolved into hulking she-beasts- but there aren’t enough studies being conducted on this so information tends to be inconsistent and sometimes biased. Men produce testosterone in larger quantities, which may be said to be the reason for our difference in size and muscle growth. While women make more HGH, without coupling it with testosterone there can’t be significant muscle growth.

It is however very common to see women lose muscle and gain fat during menopause, and health experts associate this phenomenon with a drop in estrogen and HGH. Both estrogen and human growth hormone have positive effects on weight, skin, hair, nails; and a reduction in both hormones leads to a systematic breakdown.

How Does HGH Help Women?

What makes this hormone popular is its ability to improve basic brain functioning, complex hormonal processes, reproduction and cell metabolism. Production starts to decline in the early 20s and because the hormone helps maintain healthy body weight, bit by bit the woman starts building fat around the stomach, hips and thighs, as the body struggles to burn calories.

Conditions such as weight gain, insomnia, depression and low sex drive have been linked to hormonal changes and HGH deficiencies are linked to a failing pituitary gland. Osteoporosis, a serious condition in which a person loses bone density, has been linked to low HGH levels; and the condition affects 1 in 5 women.

Testing and Treatment

Doctors may use saliva or blood samples to test your hormonal balance after which a combination of pharmaceutical-grade supplementation and nutrition are recommended to get the body back in shape. When coupled with regular exercise, supplementation can stimulate the body into producing more growth hormone, therefore reversing undesirable symptoms associated with hormonal imbalance.

Effective HGH Supplementation

There are a lot of supplements dedicated restore your body’s hormonal balance but most women start and stop with the popular GHAdvanced+ which is great for battling common problems like wrinkles and dry skin. But you can get more out of these supplements if you try a more holistic approach. Consider the following:

  • Exercise has been shown to increase HGH production in both men and women- with the highest production occurring ten minutes into a workout
  • GH production increases significantly by eating protein post-workout. Due to high HGH levels and increased insulin sensitivity, macronutrients consumed after a workout are shuttled into muscle cells and used to fuel and grow new muscle
  • Intermittent fasting can also boost production (by as much as 1300% in women after a 24 hour fast ) and there are many health benefits attributed to fasting
  • In high doses, amino acids Arginine and orthinine can boost GH production; but you have to be comfortable with doses of 7g daily for arginine and 170 mg for orthinine
  • Sleep is something many women don’t get enough of, but this is actually when the body produces GH naturally. So if your goal is to stimulate the body into producing more human growth hormone, you have to get enough shuteye

Supplements work best when a person is willing to combine other elements; so as you can see, incorporation is the most effective solution when testing HGH for women.

HGH For Women

Although HGH is more commonly used among men who want to build lean muscle, women are now turning to this powerful hormone that come in HGH pills form for its ability to correct post-menopause problems. Studies show that women can achieve significant results by using GH supplements and combining it with good nutrition and simple exercises.

The best approach is to try to boost your body’s natural growth hormone production and this can be achieved through a combination of supplementation with natural or organic products, and incorporating the five tips mentioned above.

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